What can kids do about climate change? A lot!

Mikey Mike the rad scientist


brings science and nature to life with his creative, interactive and engaging music. From the adventures of a water molecule named Carlos, to a musical journey to the center of the earth; his music strikes a chord with children and parents alike. Mikey believes we can all have a great time dancing and singing while learning about the wonders of the natural world.

Mikey has been teaching and singing nature songs for over ten years covering concepts such as symbiosis, the water cycle, plant and animal biology, astronomy and math. His interactive music will have kids moving, singing along and learning.  His performances and programs make science fun by using stories, songs, props and movement to reinforce student’s learning.

 “Mikey hit that perfect balance between providing an energetic, active show and also providing really wonderful information in an approachable and interesting way." - Deborah (KCLS librarian)



Watch this video to learn more about Mikey Mike the Rad Scientist:


upcoming shows

July 13th Timber! Outdoor Music Festival

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Mikey Mike The Rad Scientist

Mikey Mike the Rad Scientist’s eponymous record was recorded by Shane Steed with musical help from Matty Gervais, Aimee Beauchemin, Dylan Steed, and Lilymay Beauchemin. Be on the lookout for a new album sometime next year!

Homeschool classes

Mikey leads creative, hands-on science programs for homeschool groups and others interested in fun and interactive classes. Programs can range from single day classes, such as tide-pool explorations and native plant forest walks to six week in-depth class series that focus on the history of life on earth, space and the solar system and myth-busting our favorite stories using the scientific method.

Classes are guided by the student’s interests, and often lead to really profound and fun learning and opportunities for deep connection. Minimum group size is typically 8-10 and prices vary per class depending on materials costs. If you are interested in starting or attending a science class, please contact Mikey.

Custom tunes


So you need a song about toilet time…

Ever thought about how cool it would be if a song existed that perfectly fit a lesson you were trying to teach your kid? Or if there was a song that could help your kid with something they were struggling with? I’m really quick with writing catchy little ditties that could be of some use to you… This is a new idea, so I’m open to trying it out on a pay what you can kind of basis.

Some ideas I have off the top of my head would be “bedtime means good dream time” or “Your sister is your best friend, even though she accidentally broke your toy” - I think it would be fun to make these super personal, using names and specific things that would make them really special and mind-blowing for kids. Let me know if you’d like to give it a try!


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